4 Effective Tips for Cooking With Stir Fry Sauce


What is a simple way to quickly and easily make a scrumptious meal? Cooking meats, vegetables, or both in a stir fry sauce will be the answer for most people. It is an integral part of Asian cooking that allows users to rustle up a hot and tasty dish without much hassle. Whether you have meat or some vegetables, the technique lets you make some yummy food in minutes. The popularity of the culinary method has reached the western world also. But most people in Europe and the US are still not aware of the right way to stir-fry. Before you buy stir fry sauce online, go through these handy tips to know the correct way for using the technique.

1. Always Cook In a Pre-heated Wok or Pan

A basic mistake committed by many is to not heat the cooking utensil properly. Whether you are using a wok, skillet, or a pan, make sure that it is heated properly, before you put any ingredient in it. You must not even pour oil in the wok until it is properly heated. Ensure that there is an even coating of oil on the utensil’s bottom and let it heat before adding your basic stir fry sauce or any other item.

2. Cut the Meat and Vegetables in Uniform Pieces

Stir-fries are versatile dishes. You can either make them with specific meat or add multiple vegetables to enhance the taste and nutrition. Remember that how you cut the ingredients is going to affect the taste and convenience. Chop the meats and the veggies in small, uniform pieces. This will ensure that they cook quickly. It will also help people to easily hold the pieces on chopsticks, spoons, or forks while eating. Your stir fry sauce healthy magic will increase with bite-size ingredients. 

3. Never Cook Frozen Meat

Never make the mistake of putting meat straight from the freezer into a hot pan. Let it stand and thaw for 20 to 30 minutes. Marinate it in spices, or your stir fry sauce. Many people put the marinated meat back in the refrigerator. Remember that you will have to let it warm up to room temperature again before cooking. Tempered meat will not cool down the oil in the pan and it will also cook faster.

4. Mix the Sauce Properly Before Cooking

Whether you are making a 3-ingredient stir fry sauce or a paste with multiple items, ensure that it is mixed well. Put all the necessary ingredients in a bowl and mix well. Always prepare the sauce before you start cooking. Mix until the cornflour is dissolved fully and there are no lumps in the paste. Give it a quick mix just before pouring it in the wok or skillet.

Cook With AsianMeals Stir Fry Sauce For Best Results

These simple but effective ideas will help you cook delicious stir-fries easily. But collecting all the ingredients and mixing the sauce can be difficult if you have a busy schedule. The best option is to use a readymade paste. AsianMeals is easily the best stir fry sauce to buy. It is made of high-quality spices and other ingredients. When you have it in the kitchen, you don’t need oil, salt, or any spice for cooking. You can use the sauce to cook a variety of dishes of chicken, beef, seafood, vegetables, rice, etc.

Buy AsianMeals stir fry sauce today to enjoy convenient cooking.

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