Flavourful Readymade Pastes In Malaysia

There is no arguing that a tasty pot of flavorful curry is beyond exquisite. However, not everyone has the expertise, supplies, or patience to create delicious handmade meals.

However, even if you have all the above, making a good pot of curry takes time. Remember when you used to assist your mother chop up things and everything was ready about an hour later?

So, what’s the solution to achieving the same result as delicious meals? Asian Meals’ readymade pastes are just what you’re looking for.

Simple Malaysian Dishes At Home

There are several Malaysian meat curry pastes available at your local grocery shop. However, it would be difficult to obtain no preservatives for cooking pastes.

Asian Meals creates freshly prepared readymade pastes with no preservatives, artificial flavours, or colours to delight every Asian meal-lover. When you combine them together, you get fast cooking pastes made entirely of natural ingredients that will appeal to any Malaysian.

We specialise in preparing authentic Malaysian readymade cooking pastes from the country’s most popular cuisines. Our best-selling quick cooking pastes include Asian Meals Rendang Paste, Tom Yum Paste, and Assam Pedas Sauce.

Our readymade pastes are not only delicious, but they also make cooking easier by simplifying preparations, lowering prices, and saving time.

Delicious Recipe With Asian Meals Tom Yum Readymade Paste

Tom Yum Fried Rice With Asian Meals Tom Yum Paste


  • 120gm of Asian Meals Tom Yum paste
  • 300gm of cooked rice
  • 150gm of meat (eg: prawns or diced boneless chicken)
  • 100gm of mixed vegetables (eg: diced carrots, beans, corn, peas, broccoli)
  • 2 eggs

Cooking Method:

  • Stir fry mixed vegetables and diced meat together with Asian Meals Tom Yum paste in a wok.
  • Add in the rice, continue stir frying and mix well.
  • Push the rice to the side, crack open the eggs into the wok opened space and scramble.
  • Mix the scrambled egg together with the rice, stir well and serve.

Chef tips: Dice up your choice of vegetables and meats to best stir fry this fried rice recipe.

Purchase Asian Meals’ Delicious Readymade Paste To Make Authentic Malay Dishes

AsianMeals has always emphasised giving the best value to our clients while offering an excellent selection of over 350 distinct cuisine products. Whether you choose AsianMeals stir fry sauce or other readymade paste, both may add flavour to your food. Explore the AsianMeals sauces and meat curry pastes selection and add that particular touch to your cuisine.

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